“Can we just have a place where we can put all these STEM resources – a clearinghouse or something?”

This is a direct quote from a meeting I had this morning with a parent from a local elementary school who is looking for resources for a lunch time STEM enrichment program for elementary students. The woman, whom I’ve worked with in the past, is a professional scientist with kids in school and has spent much of her free time over the last 4 years developing enrichment curriculum to volunteer in her school. It seems there are thousands of STEM professionals all over the world that feel an obligation to reach back into the schools and provide real-world science, technology, engineering, and math activities, experiences, and mentoring to have an impact on the quality of education.

That conversation punctuated a sentiment that I have felt growing around the world, recently. I’m hoping that ‘AuthenticSTEM Around the World’ can be that place. My work over the last 2 years has allowed me to collaborate with STEM education professionals in nearly all 50 states and in at least 20 countries. To be honest, I find myself having the same conversations with teachers and administrators around how to find resources and how to connect with professionals who want to help, and from industry professionals, how can I ‘do my part’? I’d like to have that conversation here, on ‘AuthenticSTEM Around the World’. I hope you’ll join me!

To join “AuthenticSTEM Around the World” community, visit: JOIN. Membership is free until we reach 5,000 members, so join early and tell your friends.


Whether you’re a teacher, parent, industry professional, or just someone wanting to contribute to the looming education crisis, please join and know you have a place to learn, here.

I have no preconceived notion of where it will go, but I do know I personally need a place to start gathering the resources I utilize as I work with organizations transforming STEM education. I hope you’ll join the community to provide your contribution to improving STEM education. And if there is something you are looking for, you feel comfortable turning to a global network willing to provide a resource.

To join “AuthenticSTEM Around the World” community, visit: JOIN. Membership is free until we reach 5,000 members, so join early and tell your friends.

I’ve also created a LinkedIn Group by the same name and you can join here: 

Join “AuthenticSTEM Around the World” LinkedIn Group

Please feel free to share this invitation. I look forward to learning and connecting with you!




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