Aspire to Inspire! Women in Engineering at NASA

Women@NASA launched a NEW site to share the amazing things women are doing at NASA. I am lucky that I grew up witnessing some of the amazing things that women could do – but for those not aware of the possibilities for students, this and the other 4 videos can give a wonderful overview of the STEM careers available to girls. The most striking point I took away from this video is how critical the role of an encouraging teacher or parent is to introduce and encourage girls in STEM.

Teachers (and parents), take note!!

” When I went to school, I didn’t think I was as smart as the other kids, because I was so far behind in being able to speak.  But then as I went through school, I realized that math is the language that is the same all over the world.  And even if I didn’t speak English, I could be really good at Math! And then when I learned about science, I learned that science is the way math explains the world.”  -Alma Stephanie Tapia, Materials Engineer

“When I got to high school, I was lucky enough to have a teacher who pulled me aside and said, ‘you know, you might want to go to college and you might want to think about going into engineering.'”  For me it was a parent, but for many it must be a teacher. All it takes is the encouragement to take a look…

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One thought on “Aspire to Inspire! Women in Engineering at NASA

  1. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I noted that you know Leonid Tunik who I worked with when he acquired a Children’s Technology Workshop franchise. I wrote a piece on bringing young women into engineering at the time. Today I write a “21st Century Tech” blog on WordPress and would love you to visit it from time to time.

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