The Power of an Innovative Teacher!

Yesterday, I had a phone conversation with a  professor from Bishop  State Community College in  Mobile Alabama.  Dr. Kit Nast contacted me as a resource in a career project, because of my work in introducing students to the opportunities of STEM.  Dr. Kit (as he refers to himself) has begun an ambitious project (Success at Work) of videotaping interviews with professionals in various disciplines in order to give his college and high school students some idea of the opportunities available to them as well as to help them to understand what is necessary to succeed in those careers.

Meet Dr. Kit and learn about his project in his intro video:

An example video is below:

I was so impressed by the body of work that Dr. Kit has completed thus far, as well as his road-map for where he is aiming to take the project, that I wanted to 1) share it with the STEM education community, and 2) to help to recruit other STEM professionals to take part in the project.  I should note that Dr. Kit’s project is not solely focused around STEM careers; because he teaches psychology, many of his career videos center around social science and liberal arts professionals.  What I admire about his effort, is that he recognizes the opportunities for his students in STEM.  Because of that, I am committed to contributing to the project by putting him in touch with professionals in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields.

If you are interested in participating in Dr. Kit’s Career video project, please feel free to contact him directly at  He provided me with a document that outlines the steps that participants will need to follow to have their video included.

In addition to the career video project, Dr. Kit is working on a college program video series and he produced a video that outlines his request for help from college students and professors.

If you feel you can support this effort, please contact him, as well.

I encourage all of you who are as passionate about exposing students to STEM fields as I am, to forward this request / post to your network.  (Simply tweet or post to facebook or LinkedIn below).  Please also post this on your blogs, if you see the value.  We have an opportunity to build some real momentum for a truly innovative program; one that will impact students at a crucial point in their careers: leaving high school and entering college!

As a preview of the goal of the project, Dr. Kit created a page dedicated to Psychology that outlines the his project vision for all careers.    I imagine this for Engineering, Science, Technology… How powerful!!

Can you help?

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3 thoughts on “The Power of an Innovative Teacher!

  1. Hi Kit,
    Your site provides a great source of interesting information that covers a wide variety of occupational options and MUCH MORE. It’s authentic, dynamic, relevant, and a great source of current information students, parents, and others need for their career decision-maiking.

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  3. That’s some instructional blog…

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