Innovation! It means doing things differently…

Yesterday, a colleague of mine sent me a link to a video in an email that said, “This is what we are talking about, right?” Martha is a project manager, working with clients of ours ( in my current role as STEM Solutions Manager at to support them in their science and STEM education integration efforts. Martha and much of our Professional Development team work with schools and districts on a daily basis to help define what integrated STEM education looks like in the classroom. This video really answers the big question of “Why is STEM important to our children’s future?” or more specifically “The future of our world!”

Watch the full episode. See more What Matters.

This video really struck a cord with me because of some of the points outlined by the guests on the show. According to Jim Batterson, from NASA and former Sr. Advisor for STEM initiatives in Virginia, “The crisis that has been identified by governmental organizations and business associations is a crisis of innovation! Innovation is the child of engineering, and it requires you to do something differently. Unfortunately, the education system has interpreted this to mean to require students to take another math course or take another science course. What this really means is we need to introduce the Engineering Design Process into the schools.

“Science is understanding the Natural World. Engineering is understanding the Human-designed World and using the design process to solve problems in society; to bring new value to society. That is what Innovation is about. ”

And that is what is missing in our education system, today, and in how we prepare our workforce of tomorrow! This is what I talk about and why I do what I do. What do you think?

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